If you’ve got a small business to run, then you know the importance of choosing your digital marketing strategy wisely.

After all, the right digital marketing strategy can either make or break your marketing efforts.

So here we’re covering 5 top digital marketing strategies for any small business to pick and choose from and combine into the perfect digital marketing strategy.

Let’s get to it.

The goal here is simply to flood your brain with possibilities, and not just possibilities, but possibilities that have actually been proven in the real world in helping businesses just like yours.

First Strategy – irresistible offer

Digital Marketing Strategies SMEs Offer

It is all about coming up with an irresistible offer.

Now what an irresistible offer is???

It is pretty much exactly like it sounds.

It’s an offer that’s too good to refuse.

Now here’s the thing.

When we’re designing an irresistible offer, we don’t necessarily have to compete on price. We don’t need to give anything away for free here. All we have to do is understand that it’s important to reflect that we understand where the customer’s coming from, meaning we know their pains, their problems, their frustrations, and how our business is uniquely positioned to solve that for them.

Digital Marketing Strategies plan

One of the most important points to consider when you’re constructing an irresistible offer is that you want to be selling a painkiller, not a vitamin

What you want to do here is you want to solve a pain rather than prevent a future problem because people are a lot more likely to act and take action when they’re trying to solve an actual pain and problem that they’re experiencing right now.

It is super simple!

You can either display this irresistible offer in an ad or as a call to action on a blog post or right on the homepage of your business.

Digital Marketing SME CTA

The only thing to really remember here is the importance of actually having it so that you can compel someone to take action as soon as possible.

Second Strategy: Lead Magnet

Lead magnet can actually include aspects or elements or maybe even the entire part of your irresistible offer.

SMEs Lead Management Strategy

Now a really high level overview just in case you haven’t heard of a lead magnet before, all it is some kind of piece of valuable content or information or could even be something tangible or physical like a book or a trinket or a widget or whatever it is, but you’re going to use this in exchange for your customer’s contact details, meaning maybe their name, maybe their email address, maybe their phone number, maybe even their address.

Now the reason it’s so important and so valuable for your business to have a lead magnet is twofold.

Number one is having an appropriate lead magnet positions you as the authority and actually shows that you know what you’re doing by solving one of their problems through your content.

The second reason is you’re gonna use this lead magnet in order to attract leads, not surprising, right?

Here’s the deal

Now the way lead magnets traditionally work is you’re gonna put this offer for the lead magnet in front of your ideal target market.

You can do this through an ad or maybe even a link on your website, and you’re gonna direct them to where they can download their free PDF or their free guide or get their free book plus shipping, whatever it is.

SME Lead generation digital marketing

Once they get to that actual landing page, they’ll input their name and email address and in turn, they’re gonna get the guide, and you’re gonna get their contact details which you can use to follow up with them later.

Lead Funnels for SMEs

Final point on lead magnets is this.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one lead magnet.

After all, the odds of your customers having just one single problem might be pretty slim,

Third Strategy: Search Engine Optimization

One of the top digital marketing strategies that for small business can do is none other than SEO.


Now, SEO, or search engine optimization is by far one of the nerdish, technical, geekiest things you can possibly talk about in digital marketing, but it’s also incredibly important.

Now, we obviously don’t have the time to get into all the specifics and details here, but the point is you may want to start allocating more resources to SEO especially if people tend to be searching for one of the problems that your business solves.

Curious Where You Rank in Google? Find Out Here!

Here’s the simple way…

Now when it comes to SEO, there’s a number of different factors that influence it, including on-page rankings and off-page signals.

Talking about on-page, these are things like the keywords you use in your URL, your title, your headings, on-page content, all sorts of things like that, and when we’re talking about off-page ranking signals, it really has to do with the number and the kind of links that are linking back to your content which is sending signals to the search engines that this is valuable content.

Anyway the goal here isn’t to dive into the technicalities of SEO but rather just to educate you on it being a valuable strategy.

Fourth Strategy: Local Search Appearance

All right the next point may sound similar, but it’s incredibly important to differentiate and that’s Google -pack SEO.


Now this point is only really valuable if you’ve got a local business or an actual storefront or actual physical location because what you’re going to be doing here is ranking in the map, and this is incredibly important especially on mobile now where most searches are conducted.

Physical Store SEO and Digital marketing

Now the way to find out if you’re ranking in the -pack is pretty simple.

First of all open an incognito or private browser just so your history doesn’t influence the results, then type in whatever industry that you’re searching for and your city name and see what appears in the map results.

You might be wondering:

If you’re not in the top three, you’re missing out which means you really need to spend some time, some energy and some money optimizing that Google -pack listing because they get a ton of traffic, especially from mobile where most searches occur.

Fifth Strategy: Email marketing

All right, our next point is one of all-time favorites and it has to do with email marketing.

Email marketing for SMEs

Now fortunately, we already covered lead magnets and the importance of acquiring customer contact information like their name and their email address. Well with email marketing, it gives you that opportunity to follow-up and provide more value and make offers again and again and again.

How to effectively utilize email marketing:

Now there’s a lot of people out there complaining about lower open rates and how email marketing is losing its effectiveness and while this is true to some degree, just think about yourself and how you personally interact with content and how you consume information.

Email marketing is still worth taking seriously in 2018 | Smart Insights

Odds are pretty good you check your email once, twice, three, maybe even times a day.

Of course, like all the strategies we’re talking about, here are the devils in the details which means you can’t just spammily promote all kind of offers and all kinds of garbage to your audience or they’re just gonna unsubscribe and delete your emails as quickly as they receive them.

Rather, you want to be strategic and seek to provide as much value as possible, meaning you’re gonna educate, you’re going to inform, you’re gonna provide entertaining content, and overall, you’re gonna seek to be authentic and human and really provide as much value as you can.

Newsletter format for SMEs

But when all that’s done, of course you still have to make offers so don’t be afraid to as long as they’re relevant to your market.

The Bonus one: Social Media Marketing

Being a business owner it needs a lot of time to research and effectively manage such strategies (above mentioned). You can stay ahead in the game by replicating performing competitor’s strategy.

SMM Platforms for SME

Now as we’re pretty much equipped with online visibility management and content marketing platform.

From SEO and lead generation to email marketing, we have tools that are vital to any small business owner out there.

So, let us introduce you to that is necessary for any small business owner to smoothly navigate the online growth strategy.

Single tool to manage it all: SEMrush

If you’re not using any tool for your social media marketing analysis and strategy then SEMrush Social Media toolkit can be an easily adoptable tool to start with.

It combines the functionality of various tools that respond to your Social Media management needs and help you make informed decisions and effective strategic choices.

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in to it!

Bigger picture

We’ll use a top-down approach to cover the topic –from building and optimizing a strategy to taking tactical steps.

Social Media Tracker for SMEs

To build (or improve) an efficient Social Media strategy, you have to analyze the competitive landscape, gather insights on what kind of content resonates the most with your audience, and what hashtags you should use to expand your visibility.

The Process:

Social Media Tracker helps analyze your and your competitors’ Social Media strategy and performance across several social media channels – like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn.

First, add your competitors’ domains to the Social Media Tracker, and SEMrush will automatically collect their social media accounts.

Competitors analysis for SMEs

What you’ll see next is a panoramic view of both your and your competitors’ Social Media accounts.

At a glance, you can already uncover which channels they are betting on – just check how active they are on each platform and validate how it impacts their audience growth.

social Media Growth for SMEs

Initially, you’d have to check what type of content resonates the most with your audience.

And given you share a similar buyer persona with your competitors, you can get some insights from their communication.

Using the Social Media Tracker, you can run an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ Social Media Profiles.

Let’s take Facebook, for example. You’ve already seen the top posts of your competitors, but now you have to find out what is it exactly they do that does the trick.

Social Media Posts Engagement tracking

Sort their posts by engagement and check what messaging is the most engaging.

You can actually compare your competitors’ audience growth with their overall activity and engagement numbers to better understand what steps you need to take to achieve the desired outcome.

But Social Media is not just about the message and how your audience reacts to it.

You can often win people over by sending your message in the format they interact with the most.

So, anticipating the needs of your audience and keeping up with user demand is the key to an engaged online community.

Timing is another important aspect of a productive interaction with your users.

You can analyze the publishing strategy of your competitor to determine what schedule to follow.

This graph demonstrates the time of the day and the week when the post is expected to get the highest engagement.

Auto Social Media Posting for SMEs

When it comes to Social Media, words like engagement get thrown around a lot. But the meaning of this term differs across the online universe. That’s why it’s always a really good idea to see what kind of engagement your competitors generate with their posts.

The reaction can vary from appreciation to compassion maybe to indifference to anger, especially on Facebook.

We’ve covered Facebook in great detail. As for analyzing the rest of the social media platforms through Social Media Tracker, a similar logic applies.

Posts (tweets), audience statistics, a connection between an overall activity and engagement rates –these metrics are available for various Social Media Networks.

Although, Twitter offers some unique analytical opportunities. Twitter allows you to play around with data more so than any other social network.

Social Growth checker for SMEs

First of all, you can see how you can boost your posts’ visibility with powerful hashtags.

You can look at your competitors’ hashtags to see how a specific one affects a post’s performance.

Or, you can evaluate engagement per tweet.

Doing so can help you draw inspiration for your own hashtag strategy.

Additionally, on Twitter, you can see your brand’s Mentions and Mentioners, with an option of zooming in on specific tweets that feature your brand, or a Twitter accounts that talk about you.

twitter use for SMEs

Mentions can reveal how popular your brand is on Twitter. Besides that, you’ll uncover the extent of exposure these mentions earn you by looking at the number of followers, likes and retweets the advocating accounts have.

By looking at mentioners, you can understand what is the context of their conversation about your brand? Following your mentions and mentioners not only reveal the nature of sentiments around your brand;the ability to identify the top Twitter mentioners allows you to begin engaging with those people Who are already expressing interest or loyalty to your business?

Twitter Analytics for SMEs

And this is a great way to start building long-lasting relationships on Social Media, whether they would lead to attracting a new brand advocate or turn into a prosperous partnership.

Now that you have a game plan, it’s time for action.

Social Media Management: You can do it all yourself

Whether you want to start building your Social Media strategy or need improvement ideas, take the insights you previously gathered from the Social Media Tracker and put them to work.

You’ve already prioritized what Social networks you have to focus on, gained some perspective on what your competitors are up to, you set up your posting schedule and selected preferred message formats.

Chances are, you’ve picked a few Social Media channels where you need to secure your successful presence.

Social media Posting Calendar for SMEs

And this is where Social Media Poster comes to the rescue. Basically, Social Media Poster is a tool that helps you automate and manage your Social Media posting and scheduling across various accounts.

You can easily schedule a post to go live in one or multiple accounts simultaneously. There’s an option of adding images and gifs too. You can decide if you’d like to add a post to queue, schedule the same post for different dates and times, or stick with regular posting.

When more time is needed, save it as a draft to edit your message later, or seize the moment and hit the ‘Publish now’ button.

Social Media Posting Schedule for SMEs

It goes without saying, you should always make sure your posts appear online when your audience is there to see them. Use the ‘When your fans are online’ feature to capture when your followers are most active and schedule your posts accordingly.

And finally, you can always track the performance of your scheduled posts within the tool.

Something’s telling us that our Social Media feed isn’t a monotonous compilation of self-praising claims.

In fact, accomplished brands diversify their feed with curated content. But if you don’t want to go from one source to another in search of content worth sharing with your audience, just add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and other resources to Social Media Poster and get an uninterrupted flow of fresh ideas for great posts.

Social Media Instant sharing tool

Manage Easily:

It allows you to post directly from a browser window to share a webpage, an image, and a piece of text, or schedule a retweet in advance. That’s it for Social Media with SEMrush.

Here you can easily manage all of the necessary SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media activities related to your project.

FB Instant sharing tool

SEMrush gives you a bird’s eye view on what our Social Media Toolkit has to offer; from uncovering your competitors’ Social Media Strategy, to comparing your brand’s performance with the one of your rivals’, to finding the perfect content for scheduling and crafting your Social Media strategy.

Online Social Media Management for SMEs

But wait, there’s more!

You can always share a project for view or edit with your team–to align efforts or show your progress.

There’s really no limit to creativity with My Reports – a PDF report builder allows you to mix and match SEMrush Content Marketing data with your own images and text, along with Google Analytics and Search Console data.

SMM reports for SMEs

Don’t forget to connect your Google Analytics and Search Console to show the relationship between your activities and the overall website performance metrics. Once your report is ready, email it to anyone involved in your project. And if you wish to modify your report any further, turn it into a custom template.

Submit your website now to request a free digital presence audit and 30mins consultation with our team.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs: A Definitive Guide

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